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Cleveland and Akron Pad Printing Company Offers Crisp Image Transfer for All Your Products

DRM Wood Products, LTD offers pad printing services to businesses in the Cleveland and Akron areas, and throughout the state. Our Kent Pad Printing Machines ensure quality printing to your satisfaction.

Pad printing is done by transferring ink from the silicone pad in the machine to your object. It is similar to rubber stamping, but far more advanced and automated. The machine secures the stamp pad and the item to be printed. The pad is then pressed into an inked plate that is etched with your logo or other chosen image, and then pressed into the object, which creates a clean, crisp print.


Pad printing companies are able to provide printing services, even in situations when you might not think customizing an item is possible.

Pad printing provides high quality resolution and defined edges, so if you want a clear, crisp, exact image, then pad printing is an option you will be sure to love.

DRM Wood Products Offers Professional Pad Printing Services

We are a pad printing company that offers reliable and trustworthy service. We take pride in providing the highest quality images and we are able to work with you to find the best, most effective method for creating custom objects. Pad printing is a great way to transfer the image you want onto your products.

If you would like to know more about our pad printing services or you have a specific project in mind, contact DRM Wood Products, LTD  by email at info@drmwoodproducts.com

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